Hi-Tech Nittsu, Thailand logistics services
Nippon Express, Hi-Tech Nittsu's best strengths, are the possibilities to achieve the optimal logistics by freely combining land, sea and sky. We respond to the needs of our customers by making full use of truck transport, air transport and maritime transport. Transport by truck is the most affordable way within Mainland Southeast Asia.
Hi-Tech Nittsu Co., Ltd. offers an array of truck transportation services reaching from transport of national treasures to the relocation of offices. We complete the task of reliable cross-border trucking transport between Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Thailand surprisingly quick.
truck transport cross-border & domestic
Hi-Tech Nittsu Co., Ltd. understands the importance of Real Time STOCK Visibility at all times. To offer this privilege to our clients, we are well equipped with our In-house developed NEXT-21 Warehouse Management System, which has global availability.
E-Stock enables our Customers to see their Inventory as well as issue Delivery Orders thru secured Web Connectivity at all times. The benefits are: Complete status updates and direct access to data of Multiple Warehouse Sites with integrated stock management.
Warehousing stock management and distribution
Hi-Tech Nittsu Co., Ltd. offers long-distance transport of large amounts of cargo at a low cost by sea. Ocean Freight plays a powerful role in transporting your goods efficiently to far away destinations. Our services handle your cargo with high safety.
Nippon Express, Hi-Tech Nittsu Thailand ships to the Americas, Europe and further development is expected in East Asia, a 5-pole system of South Asia, Oceania, including Japan. With e-Tracking you can trace your shipment on the Web at all times.
marine freight sea cargo
Information Technology makes the exchange of data in real time, from and to the strategically located world wide network of offices of Nippon Express possible. Hi-Tech Nittsu Thailand Co., Ltd. is connected to all offices worldwide.
The data of the ongoing incoming and outgoing orders are forwarded to the departments and offices in question in seconds. This speeds up the process of customs clearance and makes it transparent, the current status is visible. All documents are processed by us online.
transparent customs clearance visible status
Nittsu Shoji (Thailand) stands for provision of comprehensive logistics services, parts procurement, loading, packaging operations outsourcing, inventory storage and shipping. Designing and producing effective packages for Export Goods that meet diverse requirements.
All items, no matter if they are tiny or huge, are securely packed to ensure safety and non-damage to goods and then stored in specially designed carton boxes and tri-wall containers before loading to ocean container, truck or plane.
Packaging Nittsu Shoji (Thailand)

About Hi-Tech Nittsu

Being a part of the Nippon Express network we have access to 460 distribution centers in 40 countries, Hi-Tech Nittsu offers global logistical services, which optimize the distribution of your goods.

AEO custom clearance
Our company has been certified under the controls established by Bureau Veritas Certification as approved management system with ISO 9001:2008
Certificate Number TH004846 & TH006523
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